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ABC NewsHow to Find Love on Facebook

ABC News -Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinksy Are a Bad Match, Says Online Dating Site

ABC News -Should Online Dating Sites do Background Checks?

Always New You – Must Have Dating Safety Tips for Women Over 40

BBC -The Richard Bacon Show

BBC -The Stephen Nolan Show

BBC – The Tony Livesey Show, Can You Find Love on the Internet?

Book Radio -The Maggie Linton Show – Sirius/XM Satellite

The Buffalo News – Making a Connection

Buzzworthy Radio -Matthew Preston & NaVell J. Lee

CBS News -Finding Love Online

Chicago Now -Online Dating 2.0: They met on twitter

Chicago Tribune – Make it personal, keep it real; Finding the Right Online Dating Site

CNET – Find Love Online this Valentine’s Day

Cosmo Radio -Sirius XM Radio

Crain’s New York BusinessExpert Opinions: Getting Satisfaction from Internet Dating

Cyberguy -KTLA – Los Angeles, WPIX – New York, DC-50 -Washington, DC, FOX-61 -Hartford, KWGN -Denver, FOX-40 -Sacramento, FOX-5 -San Diego, FOX-17 -Grand Rapids, Q-13-St Louis, ?Q-13 -Seattle

Denver PostHow to avoid pitfalls that sabotage online dating

Detroit Free Press

Dr. Carole’s Couch – From Mistletoe to Match – Voice America Talk Radio Network

E! Entertainment – That Morning Show – Online Dating Tips

Elle MagazineHong Kong – Do Not Let Social Networking Sites Destroy Love

Fast Company – Listed in Top 100 Most Influential People in Social Media

Florida Times-UnionPopular ‘missed connections’ ads are funny, but do they work?

FOX News – Strategy Room – Cyberdating 101

FOX -5 San Diego- The Perils of Cyber-Dating

Gab with the Gurus - Radio Show Guest, Valentine’s Segment

GalTime – It’s Complicated: Breaking Up in a Facebook World

Glamour.comHow Facebook, Twitter and Gchat Can Ruin Your Relationship

Her Campus -You, Him & the X Box: Tips for Dating a Gamer

The IC View- Spin and Turn features The Perils of Cyber-Dating

Intersections Matchmaking Radio Show – Online Dating Tips

Justice Interrupted -Online Dating Safety

Jewish Journal- An Interview with Cyber-Dating Expert’s Julie Spira

The Joe Show – How to Find Love Online on Valentine’s

The Journal News – Online Dating: A (cautionary) Love Story

KCBS – San Francisco, CA – The Do’s and Don’ts of Cyber Dating

KTLA – TV - Los Angeles -?Mobile Dating

KESQ TV – Palm Springs – Online Dating Safety

KEX – Portland, OR – The Paul Linnman Show

KFI – Los Angeles - Bill Connell Show, Christmas is the Time to Breakup.

KFWB – Los Angeles, CA – The Rules of Engagement (Valentine’s segment)

Kilgore News Herald – All You Ever Wanted to Know About Digital Dating

KISS – FM – New York City – The Wake Up Club

KLAA – Los Angeles – Access to the Boys Club

KLOS – Los Angeles - The Mark and Brian Show

KMED – Medford, OR – The Bill Meyer Morning Show

KOA – Denver, CO – The Rick Barber Show

KOMO – Seattle, WA - The Bill & Manda Morning Show

KPSP TV – Palm Springs – Online Dating Safety

KTRB – San Francisco - Computer & Technology Radio Show, Valentine’s Segment

KTRB – San Francisc0 – Holiday Dating Tips

KZSB – Santa Barbara – A Dad’s Point of View, regular featured guest

Los Angeles Business Journal – Featured Newsmaker

Los Angeles Times - Featured article – Make it personal, keep it real

Los Angeles TimesFeatured article – Finding the Right Online Dating Service

Love Hypnotist Show

Love Romance Show

MatchMatrix Radio Show – Law of Attraction Radio Network

Men’s Health – LIFE NUMERICS – It Takes +2, Dating Advice

Men’s Health – Catch Her Eye Online

Mercury NewsHow to write an online dating profile

Momento MagazineFind Love on the Web

NBC News – Mind Your Virtual Manners

New York TimesThree Steps to Demystifying Online Dating

NPR – Smartphone Apps Hep More Single Find The Boy or Girl Next Door

Palm Beach Post - A Short Snappy Profile that Reflects Your Personality Will Help You Find Success in Online Dating

PC WorldHow to Scope Someone Out Online

The Philadelphia InquirerGift-giving advice for the newly dating

Pittsburgh Better Times - Online Dating Coach Moves On After Divorce

Providence JournalDipping Your Toe into Internet Dating? Above All, Be Honest

Providence Journal - Cyberdating can work, but be careful, expert says

Providence Journal – Valentine love soars, infidelity dips

Psychology Today - The Thoroughly Modern Guide to Breakups

Redbook Magazine – Are You That Couple on Facebook?

Safer Dates Radio – The Perils of Cyber Dating

Santa Monica Daily Press- Book Review

Seattle Times – Valentine’s Love Soars

She Knows - Expert Tips on How to Start Online Dating

She Knows – When and How to Conduct Background Checks

Singular Magazine – The Perils of Cyber-Dating

Smart & Single magazine ?Who Gets Custody of the Friends After a Divorce?

Smart MoneyThe Dating-Site Game: What You Need to Know

Sun Herald – Online Dating Success

Sydney Morning Herald - Interview with Samantha Brett

The Art of Love – Radio Show with Lucia

Upfront & Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie

Uniquely You Magazine – Be Smart When Using Online Dating Sites

Ventura County ReporterSeek and You Shall Find

VoiceAmerica Radio - The Big Lie, Stars of PR

Washington Post – Mobile dating apps grow in popularity

WCAN - Talk of the Town with Indy Brooks

WCHM – North Georgia – Morning Show

WEBE - Bridgeport, CT – The Robby Bridges Show

Webmaster Radio FM – Online Dating with Mark Brooks

Wellness with Veronica – Married Men Dating: The Single Woman’s Dilemma

WHK – Cleveland, OH – Valentine’s Online Dating Segment

WIREDHow to Find Online Dating Success

WLW - Cincinnati, OH – The Jim Scott Morning Show

WLW – Cincinnati, OH – Eddie Fingers & Tracy Jones Afternoon Show, multiple appearances

WLW - Cincinnati, OH – Marc Amazon Show. Does Online Dating Work?

Women’s E News - Cyberstalking Turns Web Technologies into Weapons

Words Cause Radio – Helping Jared Find an Internet Date

Words Cause Radio – Holiday Dating Tips

WPIX – TV - New York -?Cyber Dating Safety Tips

WSAU - Wausau, WI – The Morning Show with Pat Snyder

Woman’s Day - WD’s Guide to Online Dating

Woman’s Day – How to Break Up with Anyone

WTAM - Cleveland, OH – The Bill Wills Morning Show

WZTK - Raleigh, NC – The Brad & Britt Morning Show

Zoosk-TVVideo Interview with Online Dating Expert Julie Spira-Part One

Zoosk -TV- Video Interview with Online Dating Expet Julie Spira-Part Two


American Observer - Online Dating Horror Stories

Armchair Interviews - Book Review Book Review and Fab Finds

Ask Matt and Tamsen – Featured “It” Girl - Book Review: New Online Dating Book Well Worth the Read

Betty Confidential - The New Best Way to Meet Your Husband

Betty Confidential – 5 Ways to Meet Someone Online for Valentine’s Day

BlogTalkRadio Blog - Julie Spira, Featured Radio Host

Brainiac Dating  – Reading a Good Book, But No One to Share it With?

CBS News - Finding Love Online

Chicago Now – Red Eye - Dating Hot Spot: There’s an App for Love Connections

Chicklit Club - The Perils of Cyber-Dating

Columbia News Service - Making Your Heart Go A-Twitter

Cosmo Confidential Cyber Dating Tales to Tickle Your Fancy

Couch – 22-Dating Advice

Cupid’s Pulse - How to Have an Irresistible Online Dating Profile for Valentine’s Day

Daily Dating Advice - Book Review

The Daily Kansan – How to build an interesting dating profile

Date Daily- Can Your First Be The One?

Date Daily – When Women Want To Be “Just Friends”

Date Daily – She’s Losing Interest

Date Daily – My Boyfriend’s Cheating

Date DailyThe Perils of Cyber-Dating Book Review

Date Daily - Cyber-Dating Expert: Featured Site

Detroit Free Press  – Bright, brief profiles are best for dating Web sites

DateRaters.comHe’s Just Not That Into Me?

Don’t Date Him Girl- Book Review: Is Online Dating Hazardous to your Dating Health?

eHarmony Advice - Articles: The 5 Reasons She Won’t Call You Back

eHarmony Advice – 5 Simple Ways to Charm Your Date

eHarmony Advice - Avoiding the First Date Disaster

eHow - Cyberdating Safety LA Dating Advice Column - Event and Book Review, The Perils of Cyber-Dating – It’ s Time to Meet Your Date in the Flesh

Examiner – How Safe is Your Date?

Examiner – A successful flirtatious moment is all about style

Examiner - Facebook finds love, friends, and family, Thanksgiving gratitude - How to Have Fun on Halloween When You?re Single

First Wives World - Replacing the Love of Your Life with a New Internet Mate? Follow the Leader

Florida Times-Union – Popular Misconnection ads are funny, but do they work? – The Rules of Netiquette for Business Networking

Forces PenPals - Be Authentic in Personal Ads

GalTime – It’s Complicated: Breaking Up in a Facebook World

GenconnectOnline Dating Expert Julie Spira

GenConnect – Don?t Cancel Your Online Dating Profile

GenConnect TV - [Video] Is He Looking for Love or a Booty Call?

GenConnect – Online Dating Safety Rules How Facebook, Twitter and Gchat Can Ruin Your Relationship

Ground Report - Julie Spira Named as One of the Most Dynamic People in Media Today

Her Campus - Five Mostly False Relationship Rules

Huffington PostContributor

Huffington Post – To Divorce or Separate? Experts Weigh In.

The Huntington News – Internet networking benefits friendships

In York – How to Write an Online Dating Profile

iVillage - Online Dating Made Easy: How to Find Mr. Right Without Losing Your Mind

JDate – JMag - Expert Advice: 7 Ways to Get Lucky in Love for Valentine’s Day

JDate – JMAG - How to Date When in Transition

JDate – JMag – 8 Fun and Flirty Ways to Celebrate Hanukkah

Jewish Journal – Video Interview with Cyber-Dating Expert Julie Spira

JMag – Single Edition5 Must-Read Books for Women this Season

John Tesh - Criminals Can Be on the Dating Site You Join

John Tesh – You Can Find Romance on Social Networking Sites

The Journal News – Online Dating: A (cautionary) love story

LA Singles Society - Book Review; Interview

Livestrong- “Dating: Serious Relationship Etiquette”

The Look TV – Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do

Los Angeles Times – Make it personal, keep it real - Featured Article, First Date Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make - Happen Magazine – Quoted in article, Do You Need a Midlife Makeover? - Happen Magazine – Quoted in article, Keeping Your Online Dates Straight – Outing Other Online Daters

Mercury News – How to Write an Online Dating Profile - Troops Find Love in War on Web

Momento – Find Love on the Web

MSN – GLO – Where is Your Relationship Going in 2011?

MSN – GLO – 8 Reasons to Let Go of Your Ex

New York Press - Interview and 24/7 Books

New York Times – Three Steps to Demystifying Online Dating

Online Dating Magazine – Getting Personal With Julie Spira

Online Personals Watch - Interview, Cyber-Dating Expert, Julie Spira

The Palm Beach Post – A Short Snappy Profile That Reflects Your Personality Will Help You Find Success in Online Dating

P3Beauty - Beauty Tips for Love in the Cyber World

Party Goddess- Goddess of the Week

PC World – How to Scope Someone Online

Pink Kisses – How My Breakup Opened a New Digital Door

The Providence Journal – Recommends The Perils of Cyber-Dating for Internet daters

Dan Schawbel’s – Personal Branding Interview with Julie Spira

RedEye- Online Dating 2.0: Finding Love on Twitter

Safer Dates Recommends?The Perils of Cyber-Dating

SHE KNOWS - Book Review, The Perils of Cyber-Dating

SHE KNOWS – Featured in Best Dates Ever

Shopping Lifestyle - 10 Traits that Men Look for in a Girlfriend

Single Edition- Spotlight Interview with Julie Spira

Single Minded Women - Don’t Let Online Dating Spook You

Single Minded Women – 5 Ways to Flirt on Valentine’s Day

Single-Minded TV – Featured Book, The Perils of Cyber-Dating

Single Tease – Featured Video, Is he Looking for Love or a Booty Call

Singular – Video Pick of the Week - Mobile Dating

Smart Money- The Dating-Site Game: What You Need to Know

Smarty - Member Monday Spotlight Featuring Relationship Coach Julie Spira

Sun Herald – How to write an online dating profile

The Smart and PrettyThe Perils of Cyber-Dating and How to Avoid Them

Smart Money - The Dating-Site Game: What You Need to Know

The Top 10 Blog  – Top 10 Songs for Halloween

The Top 10 Blog – Julie Spira Listed in Top 10 Twitter People of the Week

Sympatico - How to Spot a Cyber Player

Sympatico – Protect Yourself Against Cyber Dating Scams

Unbreakable Man Laws - Upfront and Personal With Cyber-Dating Expert Julie Spira

Ventura County Reporter - Seek and You Shall Find

We Magazine - Listed in 101 More Bloggers to Watch for 2010

WIRED Magazine – How to Find Online Dating Success

Woman’s Day - WD’s Guide to Online Dating

Woman’s Day - How to Break Up With Anyone

Women’s National Book Reviews - Featured Book of the Week

Women’s National Book Reviews - Interview with Julie Spira

Write On Online - Featured interview with author, Julie Spira

Yahoo! Shine – It’s Complicated: Breaking Up in a Facebook World

Yahoo! Shine - 5 Ways to Find Your Summer Love

Yahoo! Shine – Tricks to Getting Your Online Dating Profile Noticed

Yahoo! Shine - 5 Ways to Land a Date by Valentine’s

Your Tango – 6 Tips to Minimize Holiday Stress: How to Keep the Winter Holidays from Hurting Your Relationship

Yahoo! Shine – Online Dating Tips for the Holidays

Your Tango – Why the Super Bowl for Men is Like Valentine’s for Women

Your Tango – Divorce or Separation– Lessons from the Cox-Arquette Split

Your Tango – Love Trends in 2011 – 10 Predictions

Your Tango – 10 Most Common Holiday Fights and How to Avoid Them

Your Tango – How Time Person of the Year Mark Zuckerberg Changed Dating

Your Tango – How to Help Your Partner Keep His New Year’s Resolutions

Your Tango – 10 Stupid Things Men Say to Women

Your Tango - 5 Steps to a Sexier New You

Your Tango – 7 Signs He?s Dating You For Your Money

Your Tango- When There’s No Chemistry on a Date

Your Tango- Love Buzz – Twitter Top 10: Advice Columnists to Follow

Your Tango - 5 Steps to a Sexier New You

Your Tango - Top 9 Tips For A Successful Visit With The Family

Zoosk - Single’s Survival Guide to Holiday Dating

Zoosk - Featured columnist, Ask Julie Spira

Zoosk TV - Online Dating Expert Interview Part 1

Zoosk TV - Online Dating Expert Interview Part 2


140 Characters (Twitter) Conference, New York – Panelist on “Experiencing: Love and Romance in the Real Time Web”

140 Characters Conference, Los Angeles – Dating, Love and Romance on the Real Time Web

Amazing Woman’s DaySocial Media for Authors

An Empowered Woman - Valentine’s Love Panel: What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Artspace Warehouse - Book Signing and Appearance

Beverly Hills Bar Association – Social Media for Lawyers

BookExpo AmericaNew York City, Author’s Autographing Area

Book Soup Book Store - Presentation and Reading

Celebrity Mix and Mingle – Book Signing and Appearance

Digital LA – Love Goes Digital

Donald J Pliner BoutiqueAppearance and Book Signing

Hurry Date - “Pimp Your Profile ” Presentation and online dating profile critique

iDate 2010 – Presenter at the Internet Dating Conference

iDate 2011 – Presenter: Web Dating 2.0: Creating Brand Loyalty on the Web

iDate 2012 – Presenter: Mobile Dating Bootcamp Focus Group

Independent Writers Club of Southern California (IWOSC) - Social Media for Authors

LA Mixers and Tube Filter Present The New Media Vault – Book Signing

LA Singles Society – How to Create an Irresistible Online Dating Profile

LA Times Festival of Books - Book Signing and Appearance

Lock and Key Events – Valentine’s Appearance and Book Signing

New York Public Library – Meet the Author Series, Presents The Perils of Cyber-Dating

No Waiting Dating - Be My Valentine! ?Dance & Mixer

No Waiting Dating – Sexy Dance & Mixer

No Waiting Dating – Spring Fever Dance

Rapid Dating- Love Panel

Romance and Reality - Dating Panelist

Pamper Me Fabulous - Experts Corner with

Social Media Club of Los Angeles - Dating and Relationships Panel

Social Media Week – Host, Date and Skate Night

Society of Professional Journalists – Social Media for Journalists

Step Up Women’s Network - St. Valentine’s Soiree

Tikkun Holistic Spa – Singles Day and Book Signing

VIP Social Events - Celebrity Match and Mingle

West Hollywood Book Fair 2009 – Book Signing and Appearance

West Hollywood Book Fair 2010 – Book Signing and Appearance

Women’s National Book Association - Extraordinary Book Woman Day

WNBA Reads Its Own at Book Soup

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